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By means of the mantra we leave behind all passing images
and learn to rest in the infinity of God himself.
- John Main O.S.B.
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Christian Meditation
"Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10)

Fr. John Main, O.S.B.

"In the Christian tradition, the experience of prayer, the experience of meditation, is of unity, of oneness.
It is an experience that changes the whole of our perception of reality.
We see reality as a whole, unified by the basic energy of the cosmos, which is the energy of love.
This is the message of the truth that sets us free."
John Main O.S.B.,
Moment of Christ, p. 41.

Donald Main
                     Donald Main

Looking for a personal introduction to Christian Meditation?

Donald Main (one of Fr. John Main's nephews) is available for private or public sessions to introduce individuals and/or groups to this ancient prayer practice.
Donald has over 14 years of experience with meditation, during which time he has attended multiple meditation groups both in Ireland and in the U.S.A.
He started and led two weekly groups, one in San Francisco and another in New York City.  He also led an introductory meeting for a weekly group in Mystic, CT.

Donald currently facilitates two weekly groups in Manhattan and attends two other groups in the city whenever possible.

While the teachings on this way of prayer are simple, many find the discipline quite difficult when they begin and have many questions about the practice.  Having someone guide you through the introductory period can be invaluable in helping you continue along the lifelong path of meditation.

Even though all are welcome to attend any of the 6 free groups that currently meet in the city (see NYC link to the left), many are unable to, or for personal reasons would rather not attend one of these groups.  This is where Donald can provide assistance.

Donald lives in Manhattan, New York City, so he is primarily available for introductory sessions in Manhattan.  This can be in a business/office, church, or a home setting.
The minimum number of introductory sessions is one (2 hours in length), but the highly recommended number of introductory sessions is twelve (1st session of 2 hours, with all following sessions being 1 hour in length).  Each session includes a 20 minute period of silent meditation.
Donald's suggested minimum fee for individual instruction is $75/hour.  Fees for group introductions, or locations outside of Manhattan, are negotiated depending on the number of attendees and the location for the introduction.
For more information, or to book an introductory session with Donald, please fill out the following form:

Note that Donald provides this personal instruction option as a totally independent offering to his voluntary services with the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM).
I.E. WCCM have no affiliation with the personal services offered on this page.

The basics of our meditation practice is listed below.

How to Meditate

  1. Sit down with your feet firmly on the ground, your hands resting on your knees, your back as straight as possible.

  2. Take some deep breaths or listen to some music.  This will help focus your attention.

  3. Close your eyes gently.  Begin to say in your heart (or in your mind) your prayer-word or mantra.
    The word we recommend is "MARANATHA" - "Come Lord." (This lovely Aramaic phrase is the earliest known prayer of a Christian community.)  Slowly, reverently and lovingly, say it as four distinct syllables - MA-RA-NA-THA.  Say it for the whole time of your meditation without any thought as to its meaning.  Say it in total faith and love - like St. Peter walking on the water.  You can also say "Jesus" or a phrase like "Come Holy Spirit" or "Be merciful to me a sinner."  However when you choose one, keep to it: do not replace it to suit a changing mood.

  4. Meditate every morning and evening for 20 - 30 minutes, each and every day of the year.

  5. Distractions will inevitably come; let them float past you.  As soon as you become aware of them, return gently to saying your mantra.  In this way you are choosing Jesus above the distraction.
Your prayer-word is a silent act of love and faith.  It is an expression of your desire to be united in the loving prayer of Jesus rather than following any thoughts or ideas of your own.  It is your way of leaving all behind, of following Jesus and of wanting only to do His will.
- Adapted from "A Brief Introduction to the Prayer of Christian Meditation" by the late Monsignor G.T. Fehily, P.P.
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Fr. John Main O.S.B. (1926 - 1982)

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